Founding Minister (1967 – 2006)

Dr. Daniel L. Morgan (Ascended 2008)

A highly respected leader in the Greater Los Angeles area, and the worldwide movement of Religious Science, Dr. Morgan was considered one of its finest ministers, scholars, and champions,” said a spokesperson.

A highly regarded civil rights leader in Los Angeles and the nation, Dr. Morgan led his congregation in confronting major community issues. He was an outspoken advocate and champion for positive social change and justice within our society.

Dr. Morgan was the recipient of many awards and recognitions from the denomination, and other organizations. They include the Paul Robeson Award, South Bay Branch NAACP, United Church of Religious Science 25-Year Service Award, Wm. Ballentine Henley Award for Minister Exemplar, Minister of the Year, and many other awards and accolades.

He was responsible for training many popular ministers such as Michael Beckwith, Arthur Chang, Juanita Dunn, Marilyn De La Houssaye, Mary Shy Taylor, Reginald Nirvana Gale, Ahman, Herrieia Brewer, Carol Traylor, Coco Weldon, and many others.

Guidance was founded by Dr. Daniel L. Morgan and a small handful of visionaries on Sunday, January 15, 1967.

A dream, birthed in the Mind of God, and revealed through Dr. Dan has created, supported, and sustained a rich history and legacy. We are a spiritual center and dynamic community steeped in Science of Mind principles (see Ernest Holmes founder of the spiritual movement known as Religious Science, part of the greater New Thought movement, whose spiritual philosophy is known as “The Science of Mind.”)

We realize our divinity through spiritual practice. Utilizing Creative Living, Ageless Wisdom/New Thought teachings, Science of Mind & Spirit philosophies, Affirmative Prayer, and Meditation, we serve the will of God. Through service, we expand our awareness and demonstrate the Power of Unconditional Love.

We are a Trans-denominational spiritual community available to everyone. We invite you to pray, meditate, take classes, attend events, and explore with us as we minister, and uplift the planet.

Guidance has realized the fulfillment of a dream and will continue to be a vibrant, dynamic, and thriving Beacon of Light.

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